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02. On Snap Decisions

May 16, 2011
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When I think about it, I’m still surprised at how quickly I decided I’d be staying in East Lansing for the summer. Normally I pride myself on the fact that I don’t make rash decisions – even about the simple things. I make my friends take a vote on whether or not dinner will be rice or noodles. But some late April afternoon, as I was sitting in the Natural Resources Building waiting for my boyfriend to get out of class, I thought to myself, “I really don’t want to go home in May. … Who says I have to?”

Following about a day of searching Craigslist, I found a girl subleasing a (mostly) furnished room just off campus for a ridiculously low price, about two miles west of where I currently lived. I contacted her, arranged a meeting, and promptly informed my parents that I wouldn’t be coming home this summer.

I’m still convinced they think it’s a terrible idea – my mom wanted me to take the internship I mentioned in my previous post. They don’t want me to drop several hundred dollars to live away from home making less money than I would back in Farmington. Still, sitting here on Day 2 of Summer in my brand new room surrounded by a minimalist assortment of the most important things in life, I’m actually really happy.

On the job front, things have been rocky. I didn’t get the paper route that I had been practically guaranteed for a completely arbitrary reason. At first it was probably the most crushing sensation of disappointment I’ve experienced since…well, I can’t even pick a memory. That had been my meal ticket, I thought. That was going to let me live here without going into the red.

Last week, however, luck struck again. Thanks to my DC program director, I now have a job at the Academic Orientation Program for the College of Social Sciences. Starting June 10th, I come in three days a week, organize things, and check students in and out of advising appointments. Pretty sweet gig, as I’ll still be working my mall hours, and will hopefully break $3k in my bank account by the end of summer. Still no word on the College of Education summer internship, but I’m not sure if the radio silence is because they’re still accepting applicants or just saw through my whole resume and figured out I’m severely underqualified for the position. I’m peeved that my attempts to follow up with the internship director have been completely ignored, but hey, things could be worse?

My goal this summer is going to be to work hard, relax hard, and enjoy East Lansing…hard. Go team!

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