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17: On Walking Distance

November 6, 2011

On Friday I walked home from the Wilson Center. It took me about two hours, but that was mostly because after getting out of work, I meandered aimlessly heading in a vague north-west direction. I wanted to see more of the city and get a real sense of the size of it, something I never liked about taking the Metro everywhere. I feel like I walk twice as much in East Lansing as I do in DC, but it’s easier to think the opposite because the entire city is basically one big optical illusion.

Photo Op

The things I do.

I want to do that a bit more often, when the weather is nice like this. If I were to go straight home, the walk would be about an hour, and I’d get some great exercise out of it.

I’m lucky in that it’s pretty difficult for me to get lost. I can’t tell right from left very well, and I might not always know where I’m going, but I always know how to get home. On the way back I saw so many little restaurants, cafes, patisseries, and generally dozens of eateries where I’d love to be able to spend money.

It’s days like that where I feel I’m taking advantage of my time here. Days like yesterday, where I didn’t see anyone and barely left the hotel left me feeling like I’d dug myself into a hole of depression and self-pity. It was meant to be a day to relax and not focus on anything – a trueSaturday. But when I found myself with nothing to do, I felt I’d lost touch with my own identity and my purpose, I guess. It was only when I started to do work on my bibliography for the upcoming research paper that I felt I’d accomplished something with myself.

Speaking of the research paper, I’m happy to say that I’ve completed 90% of a rough draft. I’ve almost accomplished my goal of getting all my work done for all my classes as soon as possible. I want to be able to focus again, and I feel my attention is split in so many directions, I can’t concentrate on any one thing to my fullest ability. I want to be able to help my scholars more than I already am.

I need to network more, or set up more informational interviews.

But first I need to find an outlet to plug my laptop in.

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