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18: On Time

November 19, 2011

Three weeks. I really can’t believe it.

I knew this would go by fast – everyone said so. But I can’t believe just how fast. It’s been the blink of an eye and suddenly I’m thinking about when I should start packing and how I need to get more informational interviews. My internships are still going full-tilt. I’m working on a more comprehensive map of biological weapons facilities for Kathleen and her group, and Larry and I are about 5/6ths of the way done with the Yeltsin chapter.

My Russian has significantly improved in my time here. I can read better and fast. My comprehension is better. My speech still leaves something to be desired, but as I practice reading and writing/typing more, I think it’ll improve my vocabulary, ergo my speech.

Yesterday I met with Adrian Walker, Deputy Scheduler for Sen. Debbie Stabenow and alum of the MSU DC program. I asked him about working for Sen. Stabenow’s campaign in Lansing this coming year – he was willing to help me insofar as giving me tips on my resume and letting me know he’d pass it on to the campaign manager. He’s also putting me in touch with people from Rep. Gary Peters’ office for his campaign.

This afternoon I met again with Ken Sofer of the Center for American Progress. Let this meeting be a reminder to me to follow the Boy Scout Code:

“Always Be Prepared (for an interview)”

Jeez, I can’t believe how unprepared I felt. I haven’t been following the ThinkProgress blog as much as I liked, which I should be doing, I felt like I didn’t give him a coherent articulation of the kinds of goals I have. For a Communications major, I was pretty bad at communicating. Still, I think it’s a learning experience. He gave me a lot of great advice for my resume, specifically on how I don’t need to follow such a strict template. It feels liberating to know that artistic freedom is not frowned upon.


I visited Philadelphia last weekend to visit my friend Brittany. The Megabus tickets were cheap and it was only a three hour bus ride. I’d never been in Philly, and I definitely prefer DC. Though the city was wonderful and fun, I think the atmosphere of DC is more right for me.

That being said, I’m actively working on looking for a job out here, as well as exploring my options back home. But I think I’d like to stay. I just need to find what feels right.

Ring if you believe in freedom

Ring if you believe in freedom

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