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27: On Weekends

December 16, 2012

In keeping with last weeks theme of productivity, I want to go over what I’ve done with my weekend so far. You know, just want to make sure I’m using my time well.

Yesterday I went grocery and essentials shopping in Maryland with my friend Olga. We had a very successful trip to the Russian food store! Later that night, I went to CRDF Global’s holiday party, which felt more like a wedding reception than a party, but I felt like I got to know my coworkers a lot better, and that was kinda nice.

Today was quiet. Waking up early to an empty apartment, lounging in pajamas. I finished making the first of two socks I had originally planned to give my mom for Christmas, but honestly they didn’t turn out so well. I might just keep it for myself. I watched a lot of Buffy, and then three Studio Ghibli movies from the bootleg DVD set I got this week. I continued work on a stalled afghan, having bought more yarn yesterday from the craft store.

We’re doing a christmas cookie exchange at work on Monday, so I made something close to 70 dark chocolate chip coconut cookies (and ate a fair amount of cookie dough, which might explain why I haven’t been hungry since breakfast, and why I felt the bloated urge to do yoga just now.)

It might also be a good time to start planning out my weekends in advance. I want to do things, go places, explore.

Maybe I’ll visit H Mart in Maryland tomorrow. Though not quite an exploration, I do have a craving for Miso soup and red bean pastries.

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