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31: On New Things

March 10, 2013

Dear friends,

I’ve created a new blog! Yes, please, stop laughing, I know I’m quite terrible at updating this one. Poor Cookies and Research is often neglected because I dread posting. The problem is, I wanted a blog that is both a personal journal (remember, I grew up in the age of GreatestJournal and LiveJournal) but also has a sophisticated Theme you could tell Important People about. I realized too late that I can’t do both.

So tadaa! Welcome to The Completist, a blog where I talk about the only things I do with real consistency: marathon TV shows and crochet.

I’m hoping that by splitting C&R into two blogs, I’ll be able to organize my thoughts better, writing in this journal with fewer inhibitions and putting all my focused, useful thoughts into the new one. There is one post there so far, and a terrible stock photo at the top. I’m going to work on finding a better layout.

On the subject of other new things, I’m getting pet rats today! I have yet to decide on names – if it’s two males, I’m leaning towards Oxford and Webster (truly names picked out of the dictionary). If it’s two females, I have no idea. I am open to suggestions from the void.

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