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On Giving Up on Numbers

June 6, 2013

Sometimes I wish I’d committed more to writing.

I think I’ve taken my writing abilities for granted, for the most part. Growing up, I wish I hadn’t always been been praised for it, all through school, at work…I grew complacent thinking I was better than others, or that I didn’t need to practice. I didn’t seriously believe that creativity was practically a muscle, and it can atrophy.

Now, maybe it’s my prevailing insecurities, but I read the things my friends and acquaintances have written, and it makes me feel as though the way I’ve been writing hasn’t grown or evolved in any meaningful way since I was in high school. Some of that could be because I stopped participating in in roleplaying communities, which was like a constant daily writing exercise. Since I left Aternaville (my main community) I feel like my vocabulary has suffered, my creativity has waned, and my general passion for the written word faded.

I tried to get back into RP, but each time ended in dropped threads, or I just couldn’t find a writing partner whose characters and writing style meshed with mine.

Starting The Completist has helped, to a degree, because blogging is my weakest arena, and I imagine that the more I force myself to write, treating it like an obligation, the better I’ll get at it.

We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you posted, Void. Thanks for listening.

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