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Things I will and won’t focus on this year

December 25, 2013

Things I will focus on:
Reading books for adults
Writing blog posts that suck less
Stop pretending to improve my graphic design skills and actually do it
Making my arms stronger

Things I won’t focus on:
Sewing things that suck
Videogames that I’ve already played
Reading books for teenagers
Pretending I know how to take photos and edit videos
The Etsy shop that’s sort of been up for years now and I keep telling myself I’ll post stuff in it but everyone knows I won’t actually do it

Things I’ll sort of focus on if I have time but that aren’t really a priority:
Crocheting and knitting
Videogames I haven’t played before
Keeping track of my calories
Wishing I had a cat
Writing fiction for myself – though admittedly this is something that belongs more in the second category


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